Oct 31

Looking for something creepy to read this Halloween? Be sure to check out these graphic novel titles!

Marvel Zombies - On an Earth shockingly similar to the Marvel Universe’s, an alien virus has mutated all of the world’s greatest super heroes into flesh-eating monsters! It took them only hours to destroy life as we know it - but what happens when they run out of humans to eat?! Follow their search for more food, and witness the arrival of the Silver Surfer! Collects Marvel Zombies #1-5.

The Walking Dead - Police officer Rick Grimes is shot on the job and wakes up a month later to find that the world that he knows is gone. Zombies have taken over and are killing and eating those who are still alive. He sets out toward Atlanta in the hope that his family is still alive and endures many horrors along the way.

Anya’s Ghost  - Anya, embarrassed by her Russian immigrant family and self-conscious about her body, has given up on fitting in at school but falling down a well and making friends with the ghost there just may be worse.

Friends With Boys - After an idyllic childhood of homeschooling with her mother and three older brothers, Maggie enrolls in public high school, where interacting with her peers is complicated by the melancholy ghost that has followed her throughout her entire life.

Afterlife with Archie  - All hell breaks loose when a fateful accident sets in motion a series of terrifying events that will threaten the town of Riverdale like never before! When the dead begin to rise, craving human flesh, it’s up to Archie, Betty & Veronica, and the Gang to fight for their lives against the zombie hordes led by their former pal, Jughead.

The Night Wanderer - Nothing ever happens on the Otter Lake reserve. But when 16-year-old Tiffany discovers her father is renting out her room, she’s deeply upset. Sure, their guest is polite and keeps to himself, but he’s also a little creepy. Little do Tiffany, her father, or even her insightful Granny Ruth know, the mysterious Pierre L’Errant is actually a vampire, returning to his tribal home after centuries spent in Europe.

Oct 17


Title: The Shadow Hero
Author: Gene Luen Yang
Illustrator:  Sonny Liew
Publisher: First Second
Publication Date: July 15, 2014

In 1944, Chu Hing became one of the first Asian Americans to work in the American comic book industry. He created a World War II superhero named the Green Turtle, whose face was never shown and whose origin is shrouded in rumor. Decades later, Gene Luen Yang has given an origin story to what is believed to be the first Chinese superhero.

Enter Hank. He’s a pretty average nineteen-year-old. He helps his parents run their Chinatown grocery store and he aspires to follow in his father’s footsteps as store owner. When Hank’s mom gets the notion that he should become a superhero his arguments about not possessing any powers don’t dissuade her (and lead to a few run-ins with toxic chemicals).

While the original Green Turtle never did find an audience, this re-imagining is a great addition to the superhero ranks! Sonny Liew’s illustrations are wholly captivating and beautifully drawn and Gene Luen Yang’s story is humorous and engaging in true superhero fashion.

Thinking of using this book for the classroom or a book club? Be sure to check out First Second’s discussion guide.

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